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Canada Custom Invoice

Instructions for preparing Canada Custom Invoice
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Purpose and Use:

Commercial shipments to Canada valued at over $1600 Canadian and subject to duties and taxes may be accompanied by a Canadian Customs Invoice. This document may be prepared by the exporter/importer or their agents.

The exporter must also specify the conditions of sale, terms of payment, and complete details about packing, description of goods, and unit and total prices. The document must also specify whether or not transportation charges, export packing, assembly charges, and commission and royalty payments if applicable are involved. Unz  & Co. offers the form in the required French/English bilingual format.

Regulatory Facts:

  • Regulatory Agency: Canada Border Services Agency 
  • Form CI 1(07)
  • Form Date: 2007
  • Unz Stock Nos.: W19-725, W19-726, W10-725, W10-726, W19-123, W10-123 Note: W10-135 is no longer available. W10-725 is a suitable replacement.

Compliance Tips

Common Errors to Avoid:

  • Block 8 – Entered as place of origin instead of direct shipment
  • Block 18 – Failure to enter commercial invoice number
  • Block 22 – Check if Blocks 23-25 are not applicable
  • Blocks 23 to 25 – Enter information if costs are included in Invoice total for Block 17


Canada Customs Invoice

CAT. No. Description  
W19-725 5-part snap sets - Carbonless
W10-725 5-part snap sets - Carbon Sets
W10-726 6-part snap sets - Carbon Sets
W19-123 5-part continuous - Carbonless
W10-123 5-part continuous - Carbon Sets

Canada Customs Invoice Document for exporting to Canadian customers.



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