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International Trade Certification Program

International Trade is different from any other industry. It has its own special procedures, processes and terminology. A field as unique as ours requires a certification process to assure employers of the proficiency of the professionals operating within their international trade departments.

Designed to Build Success

This certification is designed to build a complete and comprehensive set of skills in your area of international trade – exporting or importing. You earn your certification by attending training that concentrates on the terminology, regulations, procedures and documentation for importing, exporting, and shipping dangerous goods.
Where to begin? As a foundation, we recommend you start with either the Export or Import Process courses. These and all other Unz & Co. programs are taught by accomplished and respected practitioners with years of experience in their course material.

You’ll Gain Career Opportunities

This certification documents your training and work experience to further your career in International Trade. Your certifications will help you stand out to employers that require enhanced skills in importing and exporting at government agencies, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and financial institutions. The goal is to increase your earning potential, enable you to take on new responsibilities, work smarter, solve critical business problems, and ultimately increase the global market share for your company.

Unz & Co. training delivers experience and expertise that is unmatched in the industry

Our 136 years of experience is unmatched – we’ve trained over 70,000 international trade professionals! Unz & Co.’s focused agendas and custom references ensure learning. Expert instructors guide you through the regulations and also share the expertise gained in real world situations. Hands-on training and peer interaction reinforce your learning. You’ll be ready to integrate new knowledge back on the job. Only Unz & Co. provides this range of export, import and dangerous goods topics. Flexible certification options let you earn credits at public seminars, onsite presentations, or at convenient Unz & Co. webinars.

Certification LevelsUnz Certified International Trade SPECIALIST™Unz Certified
International Trade PRACTITIONER™
Unz Certified International Trade DIRECTOR™
Typical CandidateEntry level person motivated to enhance their knowledge and distinguish themselves in the areas of export, import, and dangerous goods transportation logistics and/or compliance. The goal is to become proficient in multiple areas of international trade.This candidate is in training to understand and manage all facets of an international trade transaction. Duties include managing others and interacting with sales, marketing, contracts, accounting, etc., as well as coordinating regional activities, establishing controls, supervising logistics, sourcing, and documentation.Candidates are in a medium to large organization and are supervisors or first line managers. They aspire to a higher level of knowledge regarding industry functions, often involving currency and other financial issues, risk management, and the potential effects of the political environment.

Total CEUs, each level builds upon the prior 12 CEUs = Recommended that the candidate begins by attending either the Export Process or Imort Process training sessions in order to begin.
12 CEUs
Recommended that the candidate begins by attending either the Export Process or Imort Process training sessions in order to begin building a solid foundation of knowledge.
21 CEUs
Attend additional "elective" courses that focus on the special skills required to meet increased responsibilities.
30 CEUs
Raise the level of training to attain all-around expertise, the ability to lead a large staff, take a high level of responsibility for the success of the organization.
The Goal
A Certified Specialist who has distinguished themself as possessing core competencies in international trade logistics and/or compliance operations.A Certified Practitioner possessing the skills to conduct a complete international trade transaction. Often is managing others in the department and interacting with other offices within the company and professionals outside.A Certified Director with a high degree of knowledge and responsibility. Often be involved in currency and financial issues, risk management, the political environment. Involved in the profit line of international sales and sourcing activities.

Certification Requirements

The Unz certification program and course selection provide the greatest flexibility in order to permit the most relevant, practical courses that will benefit both your career and your company. Courses taken within the six months prior to enrollment can be credited towards your total Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Unz Webinars qualify for training credits, see webinars.

Certification Level /CEUs Required

Unz Certified International Trade Specialist/12 CEUs
Unz Certified International Trade Practitioner/21 CEUs
Unz Certified International Trade Director/30 CEUs
Note: You must attain your certification level within three years of submitting your application.

To Enroll

Visit training to download the application form. Complete and return the application form by mail, fax, or e-mail (see form for details).

To Achieve Certification

After you have accumulated the number of credits required for each certification, please contact Unz & Co. Please have a record of the training in which you have participated. You will be awarded the proper certification at that time.

Please note, certification must be completed within three years of your enrollment.

Unz & Co. gives you more courses to choose from –

The Basics of International Trade Recommended for those aspiring to the SPECIALIST Level Certification – 12 CEU

Export Process13
Export Controls (EAR essentials)13
NAFTA and Other Free Trade Agreements13
Import Process13
Tariff Classification Under the Harmonized System13

Advanced Courses – Recommended for those aspiring to the PRACTITIONER Level Certification – 21 CEUs

Export Controls & Licensing under EAR26
Export Controls & Licensing under ITAR26

For those seeking DIRECTOR Level Certification – 30 CEUs –

Unz & Co. offers a variety of onsite courses as well as an ongoing series of webinar presentations. The following courses are onsite only — 1-Day 3-CEUs

Developing an Export Management and Compliance System
Incoterms™ 2010
Intensive Letters of Credit
International Logistics
U. S. Customs Audit and Compliance Assessment

Note: All public seminars can be presented on site if you have a group to train.

Dangerous Goods Transportation Courses –
for those who handle hazmat as part of their operations.

Multimodal Dangerous Goods Transportation23
Multimodal Recurrent 2014 In-house13
Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air Recurrent16

Unz & Co. Webinars (1 CEU per 90 min. Paid Webinar. No CEU for free broadcasts)

Some sample topics from Unz & Co.’s Webinar series

  • Basics of Export Documentation
  • Completing Documentation Under Free Trade Agreements
  • Complying with the Requirements of a Letter of Credit
  • ECCN: Determining the Correct Classification
  • Incoterms® in Practice
  • Understanding the Proper Filing of EEI Through AES Under the New Regulations
  • Routed Export Transactions – Responsibilities Under USPP