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Unz & Co. has been setting the standard for compliance products and services since 1879.

  1. We’ve been helping the international trade industry for over 130 years. Rutherford B. Hayes was President of the U. S. back in 1879 when Unz & Co. opened its doors in Lower Manhattan. Although the nation’s exporting industry was still in its infancy, Unz began offering services to the seafaring merchants. In the years since then, we evolved into an industry leader by providing international traders and dangerous goods transporters with practical and innovative compliance forms, references, and training.
  2. Our instructors all have real-world experience. Through research, industry experience, and direct interaction with U.S. and foreign government agencies, our staff members have become experts in trade and hazardous material regulations. We have always taken great pride in our ability to communicate these regulations to our customers in a precise and expeditious manner.
  3. We have the honors to prove our expertise. Our ability to pinpoint and incorporate significant regulatory and compliance procedures into our products and services, and to educate our customers, has earned us the U.S. Department of Commerce’s E-STAR Award, as well as the title of The Compliance Experts!

Over a century of international trade compliance expertise.

We’ve worked hard to make our company the most reliable resource for compliance products, training and regulatory information – the tools you need to help your business run profitably and in full compliance with industry regulations. As you know, import, export and hazardous materials transportation regulations are constantly changing and expanding their reach. Fast breaking regulations and enforcement policy changes have intensified the pressure to respond quickly and responsibly. Too much is at stake to do otherwise. Unz & Co. is here to help you keep up.

Since 1879, Unz & Co. has been setting the standard for compliance products and services. Unz & Co. has earned the prestigious E-Star Award from the U. S. Department of Commerce, after we had already been awarded the E-Award for our continuing contribution to exports. We have trained over 60,000 professionals in Export, Import and Dangerous Goods compliance and profitable operations. We believe that proper compliance compliments and does not compete with your company’s best practices to achieve bottom line results.

Our staff of compliance experts and our experienced and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are all proud to provide solutions to your needs. Don’t forget, we stand behind our products and services. If you are ever dissatisfied with an Unz & Co. product or service, we will refund your money!

All of us at Unz & Co. appreciate your interest in visiting us on the web and encourage you to e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 800-631-3098 if you need assistance.