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    Get the compliance training you need from the industry experts right at your own computer!

    The webinars are on average around ninety minutes and contain the most current information available. These are excellent for brushing up on specific topics. Attendees are encouraged to ask general questions related to the topic prior and during the program. The questions will be answered as time permits.

    These webinars are a cost-effective way to learn and update your skills. Stay current with international trade and dangerous goods transportation regulations. Plus no time away from the office needed!

    Export Webinars


    May 2014


      NAFTA: Criteria Origin
      Wednesday, May 7, 2014  (1PM EST)/  $175*
      (12PM CST, 11AM MST, 10AM PST)

      Join our industry expert to gain a basic understanding of the "Preferential Tariff Treatment under NAFTA." Learn how you can use this U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to make your products more competitive in the world market. Take this opportunity to learn and then apply the knowledge gained to earn a larger market share.

      The agenda will address the following questions and more:

      • What is NAFTA?
      • What are the seven objectives of NAFTA?
      • What are some common misconceptions? 
      • What is the Harmonized System and how do I use it?
      • What are the six Rules of Origin?
      • What is Annex 401 and when do I need it?
      • How do I calculate Regional Value Content?
      • What is the DeMinimus Provision and how can I use it?
      • What are NAFTA's Recordkeeping Requirements?
      • What is the purpose of a Drawback?

      The webinar will not only spotlight NAFTA's requirements, but address the benefits of this program, whether you are exporting from the US or importing from Canada or Mexico.

      Who should attend:

      • Import/Export Managers, Supervisors and Coordinators
      • Trade Compliance Managers
      • International Procurement and Purchasing Personnel
      • Legal/Contract Administrators
      • International Traffic and Logistics Managers, Supervisors, and Coordinators
      • Senior Administrative, Operational, & Finance Executives
      • Sales Marketing Supervisors and Managers

      Unable to attend or need a more in-depth understanding of NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements, sign up for our one-day public seminar NAFTA  and  Other  Free Trade Agreements.

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    International Sales Contracts:
    What They Are and How They Can Work For You
    Thursday, May 8, 2014  (1PM EST)/  $175*
    (12PM CST, 11AM MST, 10AM PST)

    A well-written sales contract can save you money and time... 

    This webinar focuses on the basics of understanding and negotiating international sales contracts. Effective negotiation of international contracts is the key to success of any business operation across international borders.

    Why You Should Attend

    • Identify and understand the key components of a comprehensive and enforceable sales contract
    • Establish a framework for the development of the international sales contract
    • Provide real world application that illustrate the proper understanding, negotiation, and execution of international sales contracts
    • Identify critical contract clauses
    • Analyze and compare current applications and provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

    Who Should Attend

    • Sales Agents and Marketing Managers
    • Contract Administration and Legal Personnel
    • Purchasing Procurement Staff
    • Import/Export Documentation Personnel
    • Operational and Financial Objectives
    • Anyone who is Involved in the Negotiation and Management of International Contracts

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      Doing Business with Israel
      Thursday, May 15, 2014  (1PM EST)/  $175*
      (12PM CST, 11AM MST, 10AM PST)

      Israel is a strategic trading partner with the U S.  It is a very diverse market encompassing agriculture to automotive, aero-space and military. U.S. products, components and materials are purchased by many industries in Israel. The U S – Israel Free Trade Agreement is one of our oldest agreements and offers U S products many advantages when entering the Israel market. It can be a complex market in regard to shipping into the country and learning the best techniques can give you a competitive advantage. Proper invoicing, use of commercial terms,  payment terms and more are critical to a successful profitable transaction.

      Why You Should Attend

      • Learn why you should consider this market
      • Understand how duties and taxes structure are
      • Hear how to reduce Customs complications
      • Best Commercial terms
      • Best Payment terms
      • How goods qualify for the FTA        

    Who Should Attend

    • Senior Management
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Shipping
    • Finance

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      Letters of Credit:
      What They Are and How They Can Work For You
      Tuesday, May 20, 2014  (1PM EST)/  $175*
      (12PM CST, 11AM MST, 10AM PST)

      Properly drawn Letters of Credit reduce the risks of International Sales Transactions.  Our expert will discuss definitions, types, functions, transaction parties as well as the transaction cycle.  Most importantly, you will learn the basics of how to prevent the Letter of Credit from going wrong and your company not being paid in an international transaction.

      Why you should attend

      • Your company, not your agent, has the regulatory responsibility to classify products for both exports and imports.
      • On the negative side, if your goods are not properly classified, you are subject to significant fines, and penalties.
      • On the positive side, understanding the Harmonized System can reduce Tariffs, provide the basis for Tariff Engineering, and preferential treatment under the U. S. Free Trade Agreements.

      Who should attend

      • International Trade Coordinator
      • Documentation Personnel
      • Logistics and Transportation Staff
      • Treasurers, Controllers and Accountants
      • Materials Management Personnel
      • Sales, Purchasing and Procurement Staff

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      Routed Export Transactions: Responsibilities of the USPPI
      Wednesday, May 21, 2014  (1PM EST)/  $175*
      (12PM CST, 11AM MST, 10AM PST)

      Routed transactions are common occurrences in International Trade. A "Routed Transaction" means that the customer or buyer is in control of the export purchase, from the seller or U.S. exporter's shipping point to the ultimate consignee. However the U.S. seller still has regulatory compliance responsibilities even though the buyer, through their designated agent, may be responsible for the routing and actual electronic export information (EEI) filing. Penalties for incomplete, inaccurate or deceptive filings can be significant and are still the responsibility of the U.S. exporter.

      Why you should attend

      • What is a Routed Transaction
      • The responsibilities of the Seller, Buyer, and Forwarder (Agent)
      • Information required from the Seller to Buyer/Designated Agent
      • What the Seller needs to do if they want to file the EEI
      • What information does the Seller need from the filing agent

      Who should attend

      • Export Compliance Staff
      • International Sales Personnel
      • Export / Logistics Supervisors and Managers
      • Persons in charge of filing EEI

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    Import Webinars
    May 2014

    See Export Webinars for info

    Dangerous Goods Transportation Webinars
    None currently scheduled

    *More Attendees, More Savings...

    Multiple Attendee Discount 

    Each additional attendee from same company pays only $75. You can either call to register the additional persons OR you can register them online. Good for Webinar Programs only. Offer Expires: Dec. 31, 2014. Only one discount per registration. Can't be combined with any other offers.

    You WILL NOT receive the automated access email code to the webinar until payment is received.

    All webinars start at 1pm Eastern and are approximately 90 minutes in length. Registration will close the day of the webinar at 12n. You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended. Or, you may select "Use Telephone" after joining the Webinar. A handout copy of the PowerPoint slides will be emailed after the webinar presentation. These webinars will not be archived. Make sure that your computer complies with all software requirements. Log in 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the webinar.

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