International Logistics (On-Site Training)

(one-day program)

Learn how to move your shipments safely, quickly, and profitably.

Logistics is the management of the movement of goods and materials from origin to destination. It can be a process which carries significant financial risk. This activity is a key element which requires integration with all other activities involved in the supply chain. The process and risks become greater when the transaction is international. This one day seminar will assure that the student understands all of the major aspects of international logistics including establishing the terms and conditions of the sales contract, determination of the total cost of acquiring the goods, and the physical movement of the goods via the selected modes of transportation. All of these topics are essential to successfully managing international logistics activities.

Successful international trade transactions require the ability and knowledge to enable you to route your shipments to your advantage. Effective management of your logistic activities will result in significant control over your import and export transactions. Unz & Co. presents an essential combination of theory and practical mechanics of International Logistics.


  • Acquiring this knowledge will enable you to route your shipments more profitably.
  • Understanding the concept and mechanics of the logistics process will allow you to make the most favorable decisions regarding the movement of your goods.
  • Effective management of your logistics activities will result in significant control over your import and export transactions.
  • Learn differences between International and Domestic transport processes
  • Control the International movement of goods to your advantage and profit
  • Terms and Conditions of Sale Contract
  • Determining the total cost of acquiring the goods
  • Choice of the selected mode of transportation

Who Should Attend

  • Transportation and Logistics Staff
  • Purchasing Managers and Buyers
  • International Contracts Administration Staff
  • International Customer Service
  • Materials Management Staff
  • Import and Export Managers and Staff


The 1-day Agenda for International Logistics includes:

8:00am – 8:30am

  • Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30am – 4:30pm

  • Understanding the role of international logistics in the supply chain.
  • Managing international logistics activities.
  • Decisions on sourcing and outsourcing of international logistics providers
  • Sales contracts for international transactions
  • Review of Incoterms
  • Freight rates for different modes of transport
  • How to move your goods from origin to destination
  • Transportation Modes
  • Equipment used to transport freight
  • lntermodal concept and containerization
  • lnsurance coverage for international shipping
  • Discussion and exercises on documentation and bills of lading
  • Basic understanding of customs duty, classification, free trade agreements, and foreign trade zones
  • Discussion of current government security requirements for international shipping and logistics

 These great references enhances your learning experience,
 and are valuable additions to your office library.

Int logistics    dictionary

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