On-Site Customized Training

Our Mission

For more than 130 years, Unz & Co. has been the respected leader in training exporters, importers and dangerous goods transporters and shippers. Unz knows that for many individuals and companies staying up-to-date with compliance requirements and best business practices can be demanding and challenging. Our educational mission is to sharpen skills, increase competency and keep our clients knowledgeable of the latest international trade government rulings and best practices. We have a proven track record of providing the necessary tools to employees of companies doing business in the global market to handle the company's compliance and international operational issue including best business practices.

How It Works

Unz will assign your own personal training manager who will work with you to develop a customized training program for your budget and your time frame.  Then we will bring one of Unz’ accomplished, expert instructors/consultants direct to your company.

Our On-Site Seminars bring group training to your location, eliminating the many distractions and expenses associated with public seminars.  The focused training given by our expert instructors, along with our latest prepared student manuals, ensures that your staff will receive maximum benefit from their learning experience.  It’s an unmatched learning environment, guaranteed to improve departmental performance and morale.

Key Benefits

            ●          Receive immediate ROI when your staff learns the principles and
                        procedures needed to achieve your goals.

            ●          Save time and money by having Unz experts come directly to you.

            ●          Enable your employees to be on the same page at the same time.

Your Issues

We understand that each company’s needs are different: one agenda never fits all.  That’s why you are assigned an Unz Training Manager who, together with you, will identify the most relevant agenda for your company concerns.  Having collaborated on the agenda, we will match our experts and create the most useful training that is just right for your company.

We will work closely with you to create a seminar that meets your needs.  Starting with a basic seminar agenda, we’ll add emphasis to the topics that most directly affect your operation.  Your course materials will be targeted to produce the results you need.

Your Budget

We understand your goals, anticipate your needs, and address your challenges – at an affordable group rate.

Unz & Co. On-Site Customized Training is easy on your budget.  You will know the total cost for the seminar long before it begins.  There are no hidden costs, and no expensive employee travel and hotel charges.  The economic benefits don’t stop there however.  Group training will get your staff “on the same page,” boosting morale and helping to create a more efficient and productive workplace environment. 

Your Time Frame

We understand that time is money.  We will work around your schedule, goals, and time frame to develop the best learning experience for your staff.

What Unz Delivers

Any of Unz & Co. seminars and workshops can be customized and presented at your site.  Unz & Co. customized seminars are created with an attention to detail that has earned us a reputation for excellence in International Trade and Dangerous Goods Transportation training.  Below is a sample listing of the seminars we run yearly, showing the variety of topics we have.  For a complete listing of all Unz’ seminars and typical agenda visit  Bear in mind that any of these advertised public agendas can be customized to reflect your operation and address your present needs.

Export Training

Import Training

Dangerous Goods Training



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