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UnzExport® 5.2 Documentation Software: NOW AVAILABLE!

The best export documentation software just got better...5 times better!

clockSaves Time – All data is saved for future use. Tedious re-entry of information is eliminated, form-to-form accuracy is guaranteed. Rather than relying on templates, multiply your time savings by reusing same data on dozens of documents. You have the opportunity to constantly reference eleven different tables and avoid unnecessary key stroking.

Accuracy that avoids errors – Build and then access your trusted database. Use it to complete accuratecheckmark documentation for every shipment. And, save time.

Dangerous Goods Shipments – Enhanced functions for generating emergency responder guides,hazmat dec EMS codes for water shipment, Title 49 form modification, plus an ERG look-up table. All compliant with DOT,IATA, IMDG, and ERG. Read more.

Eliminate Preprinted Forms – UnzExport® prints documents on plain paper (only the Israel Certificate of Origin requires a preprinted background). Use your color printer for required color markings on Hazmat Declarations.

sliUpdated Compliance Forms – Current versions of 26 international trade, domestic
trade, and dangerous goods shipping forms. Free Trade Agreement certificates
now included for the CAFTA-DR, US-Chile, US-Australia, and US-Israel, and NAFTA (in multiple language versions).See the list.


UnzExport® 5.2 is packed with benefits...

form arrayExport Documentation

• UE 5.2 offers a choice from among 26 international trade, domestic trade, and dangerous goods shipping papers. Free Trade Agreement certificates now included are the CAFTA-DR, US-Chile, US-Australia, and US-Israel, in addition to those for NAFTA (in multiple language versions).

• UE 5.2 allows you to enter and store multiple-user generated clear text certifications such as those that might appear on commercial invoice documents. These might include the U. S. Diversion Statement or the “true and correct” statement.

• On the domestic bill of lading shipping document, UE 5.2 now provides the option of summarizing like products, thus combining multiple line items, for bill of lading purposes, into one line.

Dangerous Goods Changes

  • Optional, automatic generation of emergency responder guides (ERG) to include with your documentation. The software automates the task of creating ERG instructions.
  • New provisions for the entry and printing of (EMS) codes for water shipment, and flash points for air carriers.
  • Modification of Dangerous Goods forms to accommodate changes to regulatory terminology of Title 49, IATA, and IMDG.
  • A significant enhancement for shippers of dangerous goods is the ERG look-up table. Selecting your dangerous good item from the ERG table then populates the proper shipping name, ERG number and UN identification number into appropriate data fields. Update on demand on the Web.

All the forms you need for successful export transactions
UnzExport® includes a wide variety of forms built right in! There is no limit to the number of times you can print your forms or transactions.


  • Bill of Lading (Hazmat/Non-hazmat)
  • Bill of Lading Summary
  • CAFTA-DR Certificate of Origin
  • Canada Customs Invoice
  • Caricom Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin for Australia (FTA)
  • Certificate of Origin for Chile (FTA)
  • Certificate of Origin for Israel*
  • Certificate of Origin - General
  • EASI SLI™ Exporter AES & Shipper Instructions™
  • Emergency Response Instructions
  • Factura Comercial
  • Mexico Non-NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (English)
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (English/French)
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (English/Spanish)
  • Packing List
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
  • Standard Commercial Invoice

Hazmat documentation included

  • IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration*
  • IATA Non-Restricted Declaration
  • IMO Multimodal Dangerous Goods Declaration*
  • Hazmat Domestic Bill of Lading
  • ERG information is automatically generated

*Certificate of Origin for Shipments to Israel requires a special blank form(W10-384L). The hazmat forms require either a color printer, or blank forms: IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration forms with red diagonal hatchings (W30-066L) / IMO Multimodal Dangerous Goods Declaration forms with blue diagonal hatchings (W30-067L). CD comes with a starter pack of all three forms!

Software features make every export transaction easier

Export software designed by compliance experts. Unz & Co.’s years of experience
are built right in - each form is up-to-date and compliance guaranteed.

  • Step-by-step data entry screens are designed to help even novice users produce a flawless documentation package every time, just fill in the required data fields as you go.
  • Print to paper, print to PDF, or both. Print any number of hard copies of any form in the set; or produce electronic files for distribution.
  • Easy integration of your current export transaction data UnzExport® 5.1 allows for easy data interchange with your existing files via Microsoft Excel.
  • Pop-up help keeps you working, not searching for answers. Plus, a complete glossary of terms and abbreviations.
  • New sorting capability permits user to sort products viewed on the drop down menu by several criteria. This facilitates product selection, especially when the product database is large.
    Signature image files may now be incorporated into UnzExport® and a graphic signature placed on documents where a graphic signature is acceptable.
  • A new packing list field allows user to enter and print detailed packing list instructions on the form.
  • A new “Domestic Consignee” field allows the user to simultaneously enter information relative to the international portion of a shipment, as well as enter data and print forms related to the inland domestic portion of the movement.
  • Enter and save certifications (text statements) for future transactions. They may be selected for use, via a drop down menu, on the commercial invoice form. There is also a transaction level certification field that can be used to enter quick text or text notes for that particular transaction and information will be presented on the commercial invoice form.

Powerful database management features pay big benefits to exporters.

  • Flexibility Start with a new transaction or open a past transaction for a regular customer and reuse the pertinent information again and again. Go back and modify an open transaction as many times as you like, right up to the ship date — change shipment details or add or delete forms.
  • Master Data Entry Create and maintain a detailed database of sellers, exporters and shippers. As your database grows, you can access these lists to quickly add data to your current transaction.
  • Product Database Create and maintain lists of the products your company exports on a regular basis, add and delete products as your list varies. Logically arranged data entry fields serve as convenient step-by-step prompts to all required information.

TWO pricing plans to meet YOUR needs.

  • Unlimited With this one-time buying plan, you are able to print as many forms as needed. Automatic software updates are only sent if you have a current one-year maintenance plan. BEST FOR THOSE DOING HIGH VOLUME OF SHIPMENTS.
  • Pay-As-You-Go newWith this per-form buying plan, you pay for only the forms you need. Do you only do five shipments a month? Only use two of the 26 forms this powerful software has? Then this new pricing structure is for you. It requires minimal upfront investment. Note: Form usage is counted by the specific form needed in a shipment, multiple copies are not counted. And supply refills are only $300 for 300 forms ($1/form). Automatic software updates are included free-of-charge with every refill. BEST FOR THOSE DOING LOWER VOLUME OF SHIPMENTS OR NEEDING FEWER FORMS.

Try it free for 30 days. Buy online when you are ready.

Call 800-631-3098.

Minimum System Requirements
50MB hard disk drive space
32MB memory
CD-ROM drive
Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 operating system
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (for filing SED data via AES)
Microsoft Outlook 97 or higher (for e-mailing documents)
Microsoft Excel 97 or higher (for import and export of data)

Microsoft Access 97 or higher (database)

Note: UnzExport® is compliant with all government regulations (including DOT, IMDG and IATA).  However, it may not meet the individual administrative requirements of some carriers.

Catalog No. Description  
W24-105 UnzExport® V5.2 Single-User Software $1600
W24-105B UnzExport® V5.2 Multi-User Software (Up to 5) $4000
W24-107 UnzExport® V5.2 Single-User Pay-As-You-Go Software $300 - Includes starter pack of 100 electronic forms
W24-107B UnzExport® V5.2 Multi-User Pay-As-You-Go Software (Up to 5) $750 - Includes starter pack of 200 electronic forms
Technical Support
The Unz & Co. help desk is available for Technical Support. Ninety-day technical support is included with your purchase. After that time, a $175 charge will be applied per call. Annual maintenance agreements are also available. For "unlimited" plan, this also includes updates/patches. For "per form" plan, you will receive automatic software changes as part of the initial purchase.
Catalog No. Description  
W24-105MS UnzExport® V5.2 Single-User Maintenance Agreement
W24-105MM UnzExport® V5.2 Multi-User Maintenance Agreement
W24-107MS UnzExport® V5.2 Single-User Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance Agreement
W24-107MM UnzExport® V5.2 Multi-User Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance Agreement
UnzExport ® 5.2 Pay-As-You-Go Refill
Catalog No. Description  
W24-107RS Refill of 300 forms - Single-User Pricing
W24-107RM Refill of 300 forms - Multi-User Pricing
UnzExport ® 5.2 Blank Laser Forms (100/pkg)
Catalog No. Description  
W30-066L Blank IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration forms with red diagonal hatchings
W30-067L Blank IMO Multimodal DG forms with blue diagonal hatchings
W10-384L Blank Certificates of Origin for Shipments to Israel

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