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International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, 36th Amendment, 2012 Ed.

Are you a Logistics Professional who Ships Dangerous Goods by Sea?

International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, 36th Amendment 2012 Edition. Available through Unz & Co. 800-631-3098Then you’ll want to have the latest amendments to the IMDG code, which sets out in detail the requirements applicable to each individual substance, material, or article.  Since it was first published, it has undergone many changes, both in layout and content, in order to keep pace with the expansion and progress of the industry.

The 2012 Edition incorporating Amendment 36-12, will be voluntary starting January 1, 2013 and become mandatory on January 1, 2014. (Publication date: 11/2012)

Significant changes have been made to regulations concerning:

            • Sources of heat
            • Stowage and Segregation
            • Foodstuffs
            • Limited quantities
            • Explosives


Volume 1 (parts 1, 2 and 4-7 of the Code) contains sections on:
  • general provisions, definitions, training; classification
  • packing and tank provisions; consignment procedures
  • construction and testing of packagings, IBCs, large packagings, portable tanks and road tank vehicles
  • transport operations

Volume 2 contains sections on:
  • the Dangerous Goods List (equivalent to the schedules in previous
    editions of the Code), presented in tabular format
  • limited quantities exceptions
  • the Index
  • appendices

imdg 2010 water carrier supplement

IMDG Code 2010 Supplement for Water Carriers (Current through 2014)

The IMDG 2010 Supplement is to be used in conjunction with the IMDG Code Amendment 35 and will add to your knowledge of ocean transportation regulations. The supplement covers the Reporting Procedures, Safe Use of Pesticides, EMS Guide, Medical First Aid Guide, Packing Cargo Transportation Units, and INF Code. The 2010 IMDG Code Supplement remains current as there have been no changes.


International Maritime Dangerous Goods 2012, Amendment 36 – Vol. 1 & 2
W65-645 IMDG Code Amendment 36 (2012)  Two Volume Set
International Maritime Dangerous Goods 2010, Amendment 35 – SUPPLEMENT (Current until 2014)
W65-644S IMDG 2010 Supplement for Water Carriers



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