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Dangerous Goods Products Labels and Placards

Your compliance is ensured when you use Unz & Co.


Hazard Class Labels

Custom Printed Shipping Name Labels

Regulatory Handling Labels

Optional Handling Labels

Each label complies with ISO and ANSI standards. Available in either Size A (3” x 4”) or Size B (4” x 6”).

Hazardous Waste Labels

Unz & Co. offers both Federal and State specific Hazardous Waste Labels to comply with EPA and DOT regulations. Our pressure-sensitive labels are made of weather resistant vinyl and are available in single or continuous roll (for computer printing) packaging.

Additional Waste Labels

Wastes that do not meet the State or EPA definition of “hazardous waste” still need to be packaged, marked, labeled, stored, handled, transported and disposed of properly.

Unz & Co carries a complete line of labels for such wastes. These labels are manufactured to the same high standards as for regulated Hazardous Wastes.

Additional Hazard Communication Safety Labels


Worded Hazard Class Placards
Blank 4-Digit Placards
Pre-printed 4-Digit Placards
Regulatory Handling Placards
Vinyl Numbers



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