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Unz & Co. The Compliance Experts, are here to assist our customers on all compliance support issues for over 130 years! 

Customer Support

Unz & Co. provides both Compliance and Technical Support to the Exporter, Importer and Transporter of Dangerous Goods. Support is provided both with or without charge depending upon the time required to answer or address a customer’s question.

Compliance Support

Customers who have recently purchased Unz products or services are welcome to call with questions concerning product usage or follow-up questions concerning a seminar topic they recently attended.  Please provide customer number or current billing address when you e-mail or call for verification of product or service purchased.

Compliance information is also available on a fee basis for non-customers, be it for consulting and/or customized training. Consulting and audits assignments might include product classification, compliance and best practice reviews. Customized training focuses your staff on your issues, at your site within your budget. 

For more information on any of the services below, please call 1-800-631-3098 or email

  • Compliance Services
    • These are fee based services for product classification, compliance, and best practice reviews on Export, Import or Dangerous Goods Transportation.  Please note: we do not classify products over the telephone.
  • Compliance Support
    • Compliance assistance by phone or e-mail on any Unz product or service purchased.
  • Customized Training Services
    • Unz & Co. provides customer-focused training on more than 25 topics concerning International Trade and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Customer Services

For assistance with product purchases and order information, please contact our Customer Service department by phone 1-800-631-3098 or by email

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