Dangerous Goods Compliance Program

A fundamental cause of noncompliance is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the 49 CFR regulations which exist under the U.S. Department of Transportation and additional regulations from international organizations such as ICAO and IMO for air and water shipments.  Increasing domestic and international regulations for handling and transporting dangerous goods by ground, air and water require that companies remain current on often conflicting and complex regulations.

The Department of Transportation (49 CFR 172.704) makes training mandatory for anyone who handles dangerous (hazardous) materials, regardless of the amount and the frequency of the shipments.  Our hazmat training programs provide comprehensive information and processes for shipping dangerous goods by all three modes.                                                                                         

Unz & Co. offers the following public training programs:

  • Two day Multimodal Workshop.  This program addresses the ground, air and water shipments domestically and internationally.
  • One day Recurrent IATA Workshop.  This program is for persons that are in need of recertification which is at a minimum every two years. This program is not for hazmat beginners.

On-Site and Customized Training

Unz & Co. can bring either of the above excellent programs to your facility. In addition, we can conduct the Two day Initial IATA Workshop.  This is a comprehensive program addressing the IATA / ICAO regulations for applicability, limitations, classification, identification, packing, marking, labeling and document preparation.

On-Site training is an efficient and economical way to train a large number of employees. It offers reduced time away from the office and it can be done on your schedule.  We can develop a program that is specific to your needs.  The training can be customized to reflect your product line and shipping operation within the framework of the requirements of the law thus keeping you compliant. For more information on Customized Training click here.

Assessments / Audits Services to assure regulatory compliance

We offer auditing services and thorough assessments of your Dangerous Goods Shipping operation.  Our professional staff can identify areas of potential problems.  By becoming aware of any shortcomings in your handling of hazardous materials / dangerous goods now, you can start addressing these issues of
non-compliance before an unannounced inspection from DOT, FAA or the Coast Guard. We provide you with an assessment of risk, either corporate or individual which would result from the improper handling, storage, shipping, offering for transport of hazmat /dangerous goods.  The assessment includes a confidential written report of any and all strengths and /or deficiencies noted with specific instances detailed for consideration or correction, including training.  The report includes recommendations for correction of deficiencies and/or enhancement of management and training systems.

Some of the questions that we consider during an assessment with regard to the management of hazmat materials / dangerous goods are:

  1. Are employees trained in the risks of storing, handling & transporting hazmat?
  2. Do you have documentation such as MSDS, training records, emergency plans?
  3. Do you need and do you have a security plan?
  4. Does management know their legal responsibilities?

DOT/IATA/IMO Classification Services
Shipping a hazardous material / dangerous goods that are not properly classified can result in stiff fines.  Incorrect classification leads to wrong markings, labeling, packaging and documentation.  With more than 16,000 entries in the Hazardous Materials Tables determining how your product is subject to the regulations is not that easy.   Our consultants who possess expertise in domestic and international regulations for the transport of hazardous materials will work with your chemist and/or employees to determine which products are subject to the regulations and how to comply.  Additionally our consultant will also help to interpret your MSDS to determine if the product is regulated and apply the corresponding regulation for transport needs.

Hazmat Transportation Security Plan Development
The post 9/11 environment has resulted in a myriad of domestic and international regulations requiring security planning and training.  Our consultants can help identify if your business or facility requires a Dangerous Goods Security Plan under 49CFR Section 172.800.  If a Hazmat Transportation Security Plan is required, we will help you create a comprehensive plan suitable for your business and provide the required Security Plan Training to your Hazmat employee.

Retainer Services:  Do you find it costly to maintain your own staff or regulatory experts?  Ask us about our retainer services combining any of the options above.

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